Can You Get High From CBD Gum?

Will using CBD gum get you high?

CBD is closely associated with cannabis, so it is understandable why some people may believe it gets you high. However, this is not the case. Although CBD does come from the same plant, it is only one of 144 known cannabinoids that make up cannabis, with the other famous one being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

When it comes to the feeling of being ‘high’, it is THC that is responsible. It affects areas of your brain and causes mind-altering effects whereas CBD tends to influence areas of inflammation.

So, can you get high from CBD gum? The short answer is no. In the UK, it is illegal to sell products that contain THC levels of over 0.2% so any reputable CBD gum products will not have enough THC in them to make you feel high. But that does not mean that it doesn’t come with its own set of benefits.

How does CBD gum work?

As people may not be used to using gum as a means to administer medication or carry out treatment, it can be confusing to figure out how CBD gum works, or whether it is a placebo effect. Luckily, research has gone into the advantages of this method and the absorption rate of the CBD.

The membranes in your mouth help to absorb this liquid cannabinoid into your digestive system - mainly the sublingual and buccal mucosa which is the inside of your lips and cheeks as well as the glands under your tongue. As it moves through your digestive system and into your bloodstream, you will begin to feel the benefits of CBD.

Who CBD gum can help

If you’re interested in trying out CBD gum, you’ll be pleased to know that it can contribute to helping your life in many ways. If you are living with joint pain or inflammation, taking the correct dosage will work towards getting rid of this.

It is also helpful as a treatment for anxiety or PTSD. A study has been carried out that showed a lower heart rate in individuals who had taken CBD while speaking in front of a large crowd as opposed to those who hadn’t.

There are also reports of people taking CBD for other things such as to improve their sleeping schedule, reducing blood pressure and promoting healthy skin.

Different types of CBD product

There’s absolutely no doubt that the CBD industry is growing at a fast rate, with new products being dropped every day. While in the past CBD oil or capsules were the only offerings, there are now so many more options. There’s bound to be a product that works for you.

CBD gum is particularly popular because it is an easy way to get a dosage of CBD. Carrying around a pack and eating a piece of gum is usually more discreet than popping out capsules every couple of hours.