CBD Gum vs. Capsules: Which One Should You Choose?

Should you choose CBD gum or capsules?

Once you have decided to try out CBD and start to research the different methods to take it, you may begin to feel slightly overwhelmed at all of the choices out there. During this research, a lot of people start to question the difference between CBD gum and capsules and which one they should choose.

Sometimes it is not clear the difference between the products and so it is difficult to see which one would work best for you. We have created this guide to explain some of the distinctions between the two methods of taking CBD.

The difference between CBD gum and capsules

The main difference between CBD gum and capsules is how they are absorbed. When you chew CBD gum, it releases liquid cannabinoid which is then absorbed by different membranes in your mouth (the sublingual and buccal mucosa which is the inside of your cheeks and the glands under your tongue) where it moves through your digestive system and into your bloodstream.

Capsules are slightly different. As the CBD is encased in a shell, it will not get transported through the membranes in your mouth, but will be metabolised by your digestive system before it is able to reach the bloodstream.

Benefits of CBD gum

One benefit of CBD gum is that it gets the cannabinoid into your bloodstream quicker than capsules, meaning you feel the effects sooner. This can be especially helpful if you are taking it for pain-relief.

Another benefit is the bioavailability of CBD. Through the manner of absorption, using CBD gum means that it gets directly transported into the bloodstream and around your body. Whereas capsules go through your bloodstream and liver, meaning there is often only 4 to 20% CBD to go around your body.

As well as this, chewing gum is a very common thing, so it makes taking CBD very discreet. It is easy to carry around your pack and chew a piece of CBD gum without anybody noticing anything.

Benefits of CBD capsules

On the other hand, even though there is a lengthy process of metabolising the CBD, the effects of CBD capsules can usually be felt for longer. CBD gum can last for 2 hours while capsules up to 4 hours, but they take upwards of an hour to start working.

Through taking a capsule, you know that you are taking a precise dosage of CBD too, whereas when you are chewing gum, it is not always entirely certain whether you will get the full amount of CBD.

Picking between CBD gum or capsules

In order to pick between CBD gum or capsules, you need to take all of the pros and cons into consideration. There are some aspects of each that might not matter to you, such as the time they take for you to feel the benefits or how discreetly you can take them. Both are great options for CBD intake and so the winner should be the method that has the strengths that match your personal needs.