What Is the Difference Between CBD and Marijuana?

Is there a difference between CBD and marijuana?

As CBD and CBD-based products gain popularity, many people are questioning what it is and how it is different to other well-known substances - the most famous being marijuana (often informally called weed or pot). But is there a difference between CBD and marijuana?

To best answer this, we’ll take a look at what CBD and marijuana is and the distinctions between the two.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol and it is a chemical compound which comes from the cannabis sativa plant. Many people use CBD products to treat inflammation and alleviate some symptoms of anxiety or PTSD.

In the UK, there are many CBD products that may be able to help you with pain relief and relaxation such as CBD gum, capsules, oil and cream.

CBD is naturally-occurring and prevalent in marijuana, but does not produce the ‘high’ feeling. THC is responsible for that.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is also found in cannabis plants, and is the substance that makes users feel ‘high’. It affects receptors in your brain that are responsible for memory, pleasure, thinking, coordination and the perception of time.

Unlike CBD, THC is illegal in the UK and so you are not able to buy products containing it. The NHS details that 10% of users of THC get addicted to it, which can later on cause problems with bronchitis, difficulty sleeping, mood swings and irritability.

Marijuana is a variety of cannabis plant

Marijuana is a type of cannabis plant that is high in THC. Although CBD can also be found in it, it is not one of the main components. Due to this large dosage of THC, marijuana will alter your mind and also has addictive qualities. It is because of this that it is illegal in the UK.

Another variety of cannabis plant is hemp. In this type, there is a lower percentage of THC and more CBD. The legal guidelines for this are quite confused, so make sure you buy all CBD-related products from a recognised and reputable stockist.

Conclusion: Is CBD and Marijuana the same thing?

So to sum it up, it is best to remember that while CBD is in marijuana, they are not the same thing. CBD is just one substance in marijuana and so does not yield the same mind-altering results.

However, this is not to say they do not share some of the same benefits. CBD can help with inflammation, reducing stress, relaxing and as a treatment for some mental health conditions.